Eat Pray Pedal is a unique brand with a single mission, to bring hope and light in to the world through creativity and colour.


Welcome to Eat Pray Pedal, my name is Michelle Cassell and I am the artist, designer, admin and packing clerk of this small creative business. I live on the sunny south coast of England with my hunky husband Jon and my tuxedo cat Harry. I make unique, one-of-a-kind products like party clutch bags, hand painted ornaments, original paintings and butterfly key rings. Every item is made in my home studio by me, by hand with love, care and huge doses of colour. At the core of every product is light, beauty, creativity and a desire to encourage, inspire and motivate those who buy them.


This unique venture started back in 2013 as just a tiny little seed, it wasn't even a shop back then, it was just me, some paint and a desire to be creative. At the beginning of that year my life was turned up side down and I was presented with an opportunity to do something I never dreamt I would do, I signed up to cycle 4000 miles from the Arctic to Africa. It was a crazy, epic adventure that terrified me to my core, but I knew in order to heal and move forward I had to take it on. I spent just over three months cycling my way from the most northern point in Europe, crossing the Arctic circle line, peddling the length of Scandinavia, up and over the Swiss alps, along the undulating Spanish coast and eventually into the heat of Morocco and the dry sand of Africa. It was a wonderful, impossible challenge that truly changed my life and set the wheels in motion for Eat Pray Pedal.


"It was a wonderful, impossible challenge that truly changed my life and set the wheels in motion for Eat Pray Pedal."


During the hours and hours of cycling I was confronted with all the hurt and pain of my past and I had to deal with it, there was no hiding, no escaping and certainly no way home. Just the open road, me and my bike. Over the course of the trip a new desire began to bubble away inside of me, a long forgotten passion. I wanted to be creative, I wanted to paint, I wanted to use my hands to make beautiful things. But I also wanted to encourage, inspire and motivate others. The hurt and pain I was experiencing I was learning from and I came home from that mental adventure knowing that I had a unique opportunity, to share what I had learnt in a creative way and to help others who may be experiencing something similar. Once home, I took this tiny little seed and I planted it, I have since watered it, given it sunlight and prayed it would grow. And it has, it has grown into Eat Pray Pedal, a small business with a single mission, to bring hope and light into the world through creativity and colour. It is still a seedling but with your help it keeps on growing, every purchase, every positive review, every new opportunity and follow on Instagram is a chance for it to thrive and flourish.



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21% of all profits from Eat Pray Pedal are donated to the A21 campaign.

When I began Eat Pray Pedal I knew I wanted my business to give back. From day one I have donated a percentage of profits to charity. I support an organisation called A21, they are working to eradicate human trafficking throughout the globe. They raise awareness, rescue victims, fight for justice for their captives and restore survivors, equipping them to live independently.


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