Party Clutch

Party Clutch

  • All profits donated to World Vision
  • 'Run Your Race' Limited Edition of 20
  • Hand painted and hand made
  • Made from linen artist canvas
  • Linen canvas grown and made in Belgium
  • Limited Edition Wristlet 'Run Your Race'
  • Nickel plated brass fixtures
  • Packaged in handmade Fair-Trade cotton drawstring bag
  • Approx 20.5cm x 13cm
  • Made in England

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Carry me with you on a special night out or when you only need your phone and lippy. I am bright and colourful, bold and striking. I am hand painted in such a way that no two are ever the same. That means I am totally unique, made as a one of a kind, just like you. I come with a limited edition wristlet reading, ‘Run Your Race’. So when you get tired, fed up, exhausted, frustrated, I am here to remind you to keep running. To never stop and never give up. There is a divine plan and purpose on your life and you need to run your race that is set out for you. Stay focused, stay strong, you can do this. 

More about World Vision

The New York City Marathon is a special invitation only event for World Vision and all money raised is going specifically towards Child Protection. World Vision addresses child protection by working to prevent and respond to all forms of violence against children; including child slavery, child sex trafficking, abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Michelle is personally very passionate about this cause and she has big dreams and high hopes for smashing her fundraising goal. She can do that with your help! Please take the time to read about the incredible work World Vision are doing and please consider being generous when donating to this amazing organisation. They are truly changing the lives of young children all over the world and this is our opportunity to be involved, making a lasting impact on their lives.