You may have noticed that I haven't written very many posts yet about my running. There is one reason for that. I find it really hard to write. I feel like I have to have all the right words, all my thoughts perfectly formulated and that each post needs to be a literary masterpiece. You know, a bit like those Instagram feeds that make us all wish we lived 'that kind of life'. They are the ones with lots of beautiful pictures of coffee, plates of super healthy food, stunning interiors and lots of shots of the beach, and you wonder . . . when do these people go to work? Do they ever have a bad day? And why aren't they bloated from drinking all those foamy milky lattes? point is, we are surrounded by a world of perfection. The photo’s superbly taken, the latte art is spot on, the beaches have golden sand and turquoise water and the interiors, bright and airy. Perfect is everywhere, we can't escape it. The temptation is to fall in to a way of thinking that says, unless I can deliver to the same level of 'perfect' then what I'm doing isn't good enough. And that is where I have found myself the last couple of weeks with my blog. My writing is far from excellent, it takes me a long time to do, I don't seem to be able to convey my thoughts as well as I would like and I don't have a large mental catalogue of interesting vocabulary that I can call upon. In short, I cannot deliver a piece of writing that meets the expectations of our Instagram ‘perfect’ culture. Therefore its easier just to not do it at all. Because lets all be honest, its easier to not do something, then to try something and feel like we’ve failed. And that is why its taken me two weeks to write another blog post. 

So with that in mind, please be patient with me as I begin my blogging journey. I hope to be writing and sharing more regularly as time goes on, but it may take a while for me to get in to a routine of writing regularly and overcoming the expectations I have put on myself. After all the whole point of this blog was to write something honest and raw, encouraging and inspiring. And that starts with me and my writing and making sure I don’t fall prey to my own fear of failure. I thought the running was going to be tough, but it turns out the writing is far harder.

And on the topic of running, I did manage to run 4.5 miles. YAY! And not just once, but twice. Double YAY! The furthest I have ever run ever! I felt pretty chuffed. However, three runs a week is more running then I have ever done before and my body was beginning to get grumpy with me. So before I give myself a proper injury, I am having a few extra days rest so my body can take its time to recover and get used to all the extra exercise. I am back running on Tuesday and the six mile mark is fast approaching.